Ten ways to a better Facebook Live Broadcast

You don’t have to be a TV presenter!

Facebook Live is a great way to build relationships and get feedback from your followers. Facebook Live broadcasts currently have more reach than almost any other type of content you could post on your Facebook page, too.

If the thought of being on video makes you nervous, then the thought of being on live video could be downright scary.  But with practice it becomes much easier – you never know, you may find you love it! Here are some tips to help you have a successful broadcast:

  1. Announce when you’ll be going live a few hours before you do it. You can announce this as Facebook page post and on any of your other social media channels, you can also email your mailing list subscribers.
  2. Always aim to have a strong wifi signal to avoid interruptions to your broadcast.
  3. Have a clear focus for your broadcast and pick an appealing title. This is more likely to attract viewers than a general chit-chat.
  4. Be prepared to talk to yourself for the first 30 seconds or so! Facebook takes a while to promote your broadcast.
  5. It’s OK to repeat yourself as new people will be arriving throughout the broadcast.
  6. Stabilise your camera if possible. You can pick up small, inexpensive smartphone tripods on Amazon.
  7. Make your broadcast easy to watch by paying attention to your lighting and minimising any background noise.
  8. Ask viewers to subscribe to your Live broadcasts during your video – tell them to click ‘follow’ so they can get notifications when you go Live.
  9. You can also ask your viewers to share the video with their friends.
  10.  Facebook recommends that a Facebook Live broadcast lasts at least ten minutes, so make sure you have enough good content prepared to keep you going for that time!

Why not give it a try? Good luck!

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