How to Twitter your way to traffic

Ever wondered how to get traffic to your website using Twitter? Read on and find out!

First, what should you Tweet? Twitter is a social media platform, but it helps to think of posting there as if you were instant messaging – keep it short and to the point.  That means you have to make the most of every word and to capture attention quickly in each Tweet. Fortunately this is easier than than it used to be now you can post images and even videos. In fact, you should post images and videos with your text as these are more enagaging and stand out more than text alone. With 6,000 tweets being posted per second ( standing out is important!

To decide on what to tweet, think of your goals. Who do you want to connect with? What type of content might they be interested in or find useful? Then think about how you use Twitter to give your audience what they are looking for.

Search for the people you’d like to connect with on Twitter, then follow them. If they like what you post then the chaces are they’ll follow you back. Aim to do this slowly and in a natural way, though. This is because Twitter prevents you from following hundreds of people in one go,and twitter users don’t appreciate those people who follow vast numbers of people and then immediately ‘unfollow’ them when they don’t follow back. Nobody likes to feel they are being used just to boost someone else’s follower numbers.

These days you need to tweet a lot. The  ‘lifespan’ of a tweet is pretty short because it’s quickly replaced by many more, so you’ll need to post frequently. Research when your followers are most active and make sure you’re posting at those times so they can see your tweets.  Don’t just send anything though, make it count. Make sure you tweet valuable, interesting or entertaining information. Make sure you share content from other Twitter users, too. Your followers won’t just want to read your content, they’ll want to read great content from many different sources.

Look at popular Twitter users to see how they’re using tweets to grow their brand, establish a persona, show expertise or drive traffic to their sites. Don’t copy them, but be inspired by the content they post , what they say in their tweets and how they connect with their followers.

To drive traffic back to your own site, first make sure you have some good content on your own site. Then post tweets with links to that content to encourage your followers to click through and read it. You’ll need to post fresh content regularly to keep your followers coming back to your site. Don’t forget to capture email addresses when your followers are at your site, that way you’re not dependent on them seeing your tweets to stay in touch with them. Offering a free gift or a discount in exchange for their email address will enable you to do this.